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HTC, Timmy Bradley, F-16, Typhoon and F-35 are FTW!





Battlebots Four by JumbotheElephant232
Battlebots Four
Tombstone - Watch out Hypno Disc, the new beast is on the block or else you'll get DESTROYED!
Counter Revolution - I can't fucking believe that this robot replaced BETA as a reserved robot!?
Complete Control - I'm not very keen about that robot, that because of its design.
Ghost Raptor - I don't mind if this robot has its interchangeable weapon.
Battlebots Three by JumbotheElephant232
Battlebots Three
Lockjaw - This is a most frustrating robot that I ever drew, and I got messed up with these colors, but I like its designs though.
Overhaul - Those nerds are probably wore their kitty's ears as a mascots!?
Bronco - The Matador wasn't the only flipping robot that can lose to their opponent.
Witch Doctor - I always love these clusterbots that can work together, especially that Shaman carried its flamethrower.
Battlebots Two by JumbotheElephant232
Battlebots Two
Plan X - This is definitely my most favourite robot I ever saw!, that because the robot also has its minibots, keep your negative comments to yourself, I don't feel like I saw these nasty comments.
Wrecks - I hate that robot with its bug-like walking legs that can't keep the fucked up.
Warrior Clan - Here's my favourite robot with its minibots on its side, but one of them was already destroyed. I wonder that Son of Whyachi has its tracks for 2016 as a rumors.
Nightmare - How many times did Nightmare have to lose from its competitions?
Battlebots One by JumbotheElephant232
Battlebots One
OK, after I watched all six of the episodes from season 1, I'll be able submitted about three of the time so here are the robots that are competed in Battlebots:

Icewave - I don't even know about this robot which reminds me of Hazard and Brutality, but it is a really good robot that can handle the weaker opponents.
Razorback - This is suppose to be a pig name?, it's doesn't seems to look like the pig after all.
Warhead - I'm not gonna lie, but Warhead is my least favourite robot that they ever built.
Bite Force - I always lovin it when it convert its weapon for the certain weapon robots.
My  RWBY OC, Dembo by JumbotheElephant232
My RWBY OC, Dembo
OK, just to let you know that I made this OC of mines, he's called Dembo, he is also an elephant and his name which is a combination of Dumbo and Tembo, his eys seems very different, redeye is on the right and the black one is on the left, he's originally work with RWBY and his long life friend, Yang before join Hei 'Junior' Xiong, after he betrayed her. Though he seems to have a little crush on Melanie and Miltiades "Miltia" Malachite, who often work with Junior. His main weapon is an elongated wrecking ball, but he can switch his weapon into his rocket pod.
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Walking with the Elephant
  • Reading: Elephants
  • Watching: Jerry and Jumbo or Dumbo
  • Playing: Elephant games
  • Eating: Peanuts (even though I hate peanuts)
  • Drinking: Water
This is the World Elephant Day yesterday and I'm sorry for missed out, cause of my tiredness, too late to start and I wasn't supposed to looking forward to it, but anyway, the reasons why I worried about these elephants is a killed off by the poachers and their populations, the African Elephant's status is Vulnerable, while the Asian Elephant's is Endangered, but luckily the elephant keepers from the zoo have their great care of the elephants from the wild, if you don't know what they doing about the elephants, go and see this website.

Elephant Day by DeeOtter

Here's my number one most favourite animal is in the world, The Intelligent and Mighty Elephant!


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Artist | Professional | Other
United Kingdom
Howdy, my name is Ho-Tai, not Ho Tie, Ho Tia, Hoi, Ho or Ho Tae, it's really annoys me so much!, but you call me HTC instead, I enjoy and love eating, sleeping and playing on console games.

Likes: Anthro or Living Aircrafts, Animes, Jet Planes, Robot Combat, Cartoons, Being Lazy, Elephants, Eagles, Dinosaurs, Computers, Video Games, Fast Foods, USA stuffs, Japan stuffs, Sengis (Elephant Shrews), Hyraxes, Air Forces, Magical Girls, Mecha Musume Girls, Any Ladies with Skirts and Dresses, F-16 Fighting Falcons, Flying Wings, Mammoths, Shades, School Trips, Twins, Buying good stuffs, Flight Combat Simulators, Mice, Video Game Characters, Game Show, Crisps, Burgers, Sushis, Pizzas, Chips or Fries, Colas, Spicy Foods,Twin Companions (such as Koami and Komami and Kyukyu and Pyupyu), Mutant Animals, Cosplayers, aaaaahhhhhh...... Cure Berry, Blackrhinoranger's stuffs, Mutant Elephants, Documentaries, Encyclopedia

Dislikes: Butterflies and Moths, Prop-Planes, Cats, Rabbits, Polices, Proper Musics, Bullshit Problems, Walking, Eczema, Anyone who threaten Skids and Mudflap, MIG-31 Foxhounds, Vegetables, Watermelons, UK stuffs, Muslims, Bullshit, Any piss shits which doesn't even make sense, Anyone who tells me to shut up, Losing to Opponents, People that gives me a Name Calling, Colleges, Schools, Anything that has Cancellation, Tanks, MIG-21 Fishbeds, Proper Girls, Babies that cries alot, People with conversation, Any Ladies with Trousers or Jeans, Soap Opera or Channels, Being banned, Distraction, Rices, Angry People, Dogs, Trolled and Insulted, Arguing, Boybands (except the 90s and 2000s), Pigs, Durians, Dentist, Rules, Supernanny, Horses and Ponies, Any people have their different opinions than mine, Lost Interest to Cure Berry, Types of Movies (especially Horror)

Current Residence: Bradford, United Kingdom
Favourite style of art: Various
Favourite cartoon character: Skids and Mudflap, Armada Hot Shot, Ami and Mami, Miki Aono (Cure Berry), Tom and Jerry, Fine and Rein, Horton, Morton, Brian Griffin, Dumbo, Timothy Q Mouse, Atomic Betty, Spyro, Charizard, Donphan, Crash Bandicoot, Sayaka Miki and Rhino and Dile
Favourite Aircraft: F-16C, F-22A, Typhoon, PAK FA, F-14D, F-15C, F-35A, Su-47
Personal Quote: It's everybody's fault, but mine.
Favourite Creations: HTC, Timmy Bradley, Jumbo, Elecko, Hawkula, Manter, Prowl, Mash, Zeedrow and Guinea Jet

USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design or BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design
JP Language Level stamp by Faeth-design (I never speak Japanese, but I can try.)

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I love F-16 stamp by JumbotheElephant232F-16 Fighting Falcon Stamp by Anti-BumblebeeUSAF Thunderbirds Stamp by Anti-BumblebeeAce Combat stamp by SH-ProductionsStamp - Elephant Family by fmr0USAF stamp by sandwedgeI love Elephants by WishmasterAlchemistUSAF stamp 2 by sandwedgeHorton Stamp by Edge-Wolfluv Elephant Shrews by BoarfeathersRobot Wars Stamp by lapraskingF-22 stamp by autobotchariIdolMaster by Funsized-Not-ShortIdolMaster ver2 by Funsized-Not-ShortAmi and Mami Stamp by JumbotheElephant232Futami's Stamp by YamiKouichiLoveFutami Ami Mami - Komami Koami by YamiKouichiLoveAmi Futami Stamp - Idolmaster by KyoukkaTom n Jerry stamp by sk1ttterCartoon Network 1 by sk1ttterManny Stamp by PuccaFanGirlPrecure stamp by Tea-StrawberryFresh Pretty Cure! Stamp by akarinamaronSmile Precure Stamp by akarinamaronHeartCatch Precure Stamp by akarinamaronMiki - Cure Berry stamp by Tea-StrawberryUrara - Cure Lemonade stamp by Tea-StrawberryTsubomi - Cure Blossom stamp by Tea-StrawberryAguri - Cure Ace by Tea-StrawberryClassic Spyro Club Stamp by OldSpyroClubPlaystation stamp by 3enzoTransformers Armada Stamp by katdrakeHot Shot Fan Stamp by LinarielHot Shot fan stamp by Lora-PedigreeCrash Bandicoot Stamp by xSweetSlayerxSpyro the Dragon stamp by 5-3-10-4Sonic the Hedgehog Stamp by StampPKUF-22 Raptor Stamp 1 by RiiareiF-22 Raptor Stamp 2 by RiiareiTwins Fan by 1Bitter1SugarMixedTwin Dance 2 - Fine and Rein by 80avatarfan80A REAL Carpet Bomber by StollroflMorton Fan Stamp by xXPariahsXxcharizard stamp by PFV0-StampCharizard Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsAsh's Charizard fan stamp by Fran48Ash's Donphan fan stamp by Fran48232 Donphan by SkaianAngelAngry Birds Stamp by DarknessMyrkur

:police: Here are HTC-Master's prohibited rules:

1. No Prop Planes, they're seems to be OK for The Aviations, but they needs to be details, yet looney.
2. No UK Stuffs, It' okay to put my UK favourite stuffs, but USA stuff are very important.
3. No Horror or Sex Movies, they're make me FUCKING AGGRESSIVE AND CRAZY!!!!!!!!
4. NO MUSICS!, the no.1 worst decision in the world.
5. No Ponies, only permissions for girls, but not for boys.
6. No Tanks, I don't care what type of tanks I draw, it is fucking difficult!
7. No Police Stuffs, I don't want to fucking hear about it!
8. No Fursonas, they're annoying me with those carnivore creatures!
10. No Dramas, I hate those stuffs!
11. No Yuris and Yaois, keep your same gendered couples to yourself.
12. No Fetishes, I FUCKING hate these stuffs!
14. No Homosexuals or Bisexuals, it's freak me out.
15. No Negative critics, or otherwise I lose my interests.

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